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Powell Accessories has been THE lighting go to store in Westchester for decades.  Family run.. you'll find quality decor & excellent craftmanship at great prices.  Need a repair? Brian Powell is your man.  Stop by next time you decide to bowl or shop in this multi-faceted shopping center.  You will not be disappointed.
Maddy Huppert Cohen (Facebook)

Today I had the most amazing experience at this incredible store. I brought Powell accessories a lamp that my father had made. It was so important to me, having survived a fire that burned down my home and everything from my past. My father is gone now. Brian Powell and I had a discussion about putting the lamp on a base. I left the lamp there and forgot about it. Today I came to pick it up. Brian had made the most beautiful base for the lamp. It's truly a work of art. Lately life's been difficult. Seeing this lamp, and having this beautiful gift of someone truly caring about another restored my feeling good. The rest of my day has been amazing. Thank you Powell accessories, for saving a treasure and making my day and current outlook so much better. I promise to pay it forward.
SHPA Press (Google)

I have been shopping at this store for 16 years. Whether buying unusual or antique lighting fixtures, special shades or bulbs, or even turning a found object into a lamp, Brian is the go to guy! I just recently had him refurbish my mom's old fixture for me. He changed the patina and added great crystals that made the piece look fantastic. This family business gives you great prices, amazing service and takes pride in their work and customer service.

The owners are passionate about their lamps and yours.
Lois Stoeffhaas (Facebook)

A rare store offering a rare service: the proper care and repair of worthy lamps. I highly recommend.
William H. Griever (Facebook)

I went into the store just to pick up some small, inexpensive accessories and Brian had the patience of a saint. He spent so much time answering questions and by the end, we left an antique chandelier that was rewired and picked up that morning from another shop. We weren't happy with the job that was done so we left it with Brian to re-rewire, clean and polish. We will definitely use Powell Accessories in the future.
Marion (Yahoo)

If you're after special treasures, Powell Accessories should be on your list of places to go. Brian and his parents are delightful; always friendly, always helpful. He can re-wire and enhance just about any fixture you can provide. Brian goes out of his way to accommodate and to provide excellent service. Sometimes you need to be patient - he puts his heart and soul into what he does (for many different people). Over the years, I've dropped off some real challenges and never been disappointed. AND, he's always cheerful and nice to be around!
Blakes (Yahoo)

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